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The New Age movement draws upon Eastern & Western spirituality. It combines science & pseudoscience with spirituality to form a holistic lifestyle. Neopaganism is a lifestyle that draws from the pre-Christian Pagan beliefs found throughout Europe. Common beliefs include pantheism, polytheism, magick & animism. 

Druidism & Wicca are the most popular Neopagan religions in the United Kingdom, & the United States.

The 'Community Of The Druids Nemeton' is for those people who are practicing Druidry with the 'Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids' (OBOD) or those interested in learning about Druidry. As Druidry falls under the larger banner of Paganism we open our doors to all genuine seekers after a Nature based spirituality.


A Guardian Goddess of all sacred places, such as circles or magickal groves. Nemetona – ‘She of the Sacred Grove’ is a very ancient goddess of the Celts.

The Celts, in general, did not build temples although they had indoor chambers & structural lodges, but rather practiced their spirituality in sacred groves & Nemetona personifies this belief in the sacred land.

Her name literally means "sacred space", from the Celtic root "nemeto" which means "sacred area".

She is related to the Druidic concept of the Nemeton, the designation of sacred spiritual space.

She is paired with the Brythonic God (Celtic deities), Rigonemetis (Mars) "King of the sacred grove”.


**Although this paper outlines my current vision it is by no means absolute, rather it is a guide of suggestions to get your creative & personal beliefs flowing & suggests a way in which we can all contribute.

A possible purpose:


“The Community of the Druids Nemeton will exist for the purpose of creating a common ground in which Druids - Pagans of many different paths will meet together in harmony, to celebrate the Eight Fire Festivals - the Wheel of the Seasons, to share, teach, learn, & explore the possibilities of their common & personal spiritual beliefs. The community can also offer exploration & training in practical magick for those interested.”

The idea here is not to replace any individual’s current group, source of theory & practice, in fact it is essential that one retains them, but to offer a place to further develop & explore those beliefs holistically with the broadest of horizons available whilst developing & enjoying the benefits of ‘community’ via all of its social structures.

'As an individual can you fix the world’s problems, can you administer aid by putting on a plaster that covers the whole world – Start with your own backyard.

Live the Life you want to see as an individual & collectively we will shake the world to its very foundations.’

What goes into creating a Druid & Pagan based Spiritual Community?

  • Common Vision & Goals - may encompass ecological, psychological, & spiritual views.

  • Pagan beliefs - religion is an organised collection of beliefs (Druidism & Wicca for example), cultural systems (NeoCeltic – remembrance of our Ancestral past), & world views that relate humanity to an order of existence, that lives in a balanced, holistic way with all life & the planet.

  • A true democratic structure - that honours the planet, community & the individual.

What is organisational structure?


By structure, we mean the framework around which the group is organised, the underpinnings which keep the coalition functioning. It's the operating manual that tells members how the organisation is put together & how it works. More specifically, structure describes how members are accepted, how leadership (Council of Elders) is chosen, & how decisions are made [a true democratic process that involves the entire community – the people instruct the Central Body (which has no judicial authority over the people) on what is required & the Elders insure that it happens, by organising resources through mutual cooperation of the communities members working towards the shared Vision & Goals].


some of our members:
'Crowsfoot' aka Wayne

Druid OBOD, Funeral Celebrant, Tarot Consultant



Bard  OBOD



Druid OBOD, Celebrant & Funeral Celebrant






Ovate OBOD,



Bard OBOD, Events


the community of the druids nemeton

Crowsfoot Drinkwater


Wiltshire, UK,

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