Celebrancy - the art of being a practical Druid

Celebrant - My Spiritual Practice – Spiritual Unfoldment through Shamanism, Rosicrucianism & Druidry A Life’s Journey – Crowsfoot Drinkwater To begin this paper on ‘my personal spiritual practice’ I shall quote from my Bardic review: “I came to OBOD via a very long journey spanning a few decades. My spiritual quest has taken me through many schools of thought & practice – Christianity-Shamanic-Rosicrucian; Alchemy, Hermetic Qabalah – the occult. This very eclectic approach left me with a lot of ‘knowledge’ & very little practical & direct personal experiences, which was strained even further when I started my own business. Then this all began to merge & evolve with my introduction to Druidry

What is a Spiritual Path?

What is a 'Spiritual Path'? To answer this one must ask many, many questions, gather every scrap of information they can get hold of, study & apply their growing knowledge to a practical unfolding of their spiritual nature through direct personal experience. At the ‘Community of the Druids Nemeton’ we simply believe that a Spiritual Path is: ‘The Spiritual Path is one where an individual seeks an understanding about, & union with, the Universe. The path is strewn with lessons & experiences that teach the individual about life, themselves & their place in it.’ A Warning. The Spiritual Path is not a game or a fad & is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Once you have declared that you wish t

The Art of Smudging

The Art of Smudge: More than Smoke & Mirrors (extracts from ‘Re-enchanting the Forest’ by William Ayot) Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf & stone. Chief Yellow Lark ‘Smudging is an age-old ritual that involves the purification of people & places with the smoke of particular plants, herbs & resins, each with their own distinctive scents & properties…I held the intention to clear away the miasma of stale old feelings that had engulfed me…’ The few lines above capture in a nutshell the immense potency of what at first glance appears to be a very simple act, the art of purification. This is a pre-ritual ritual, the getting ready to enter liminal space, the realm of the sacre

Druidism in Action

The Community of the Druids Nemeton is a social & practical working group of Druids & Neopagans, drawn from other movements, such as, OBOD, BDO, ADF, CoBDO, & Modern Paganism (each individuals personal choice of which school of theory, training & practice are left to their discretion), that is supported by a personal daily spiritual practice, & whose members come together in a specific locality – Woodland Trust (the goal being to purchase a woodland, to create a permanent base), to share personal experiences, knowledge, & practical techniques to further enhance & compliment their personal spiritual path. The Community of the Druids Nemeton is not another monolithic enterprise raising out of

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