The Twilight Realm of Celtic Britain

The Celts themselves were a vast composite-nation; they were a tribal people who spread throughout Britain, Gaul, Ireland, & other parts of Europe, Asia Minor, & the Balkans. The Celts were united by a common culture & Druidism. Druidism is thought to have been the main part of Celtic & Gaulish culture in Europe, with the first classical reference to them in the 2nd century BC. The term Celtic refers to a culture, & not a specific country or nationality. Celtic Culture found its way to the shores of Britain in ‘waves of invasion’, traditionally linked to the ‘myths of Atlantis’, & most notably about 400 BC – the very date that native Celtic legendary assigns to the ‘Battle of the Trees’. Thi

Tea Ritual 2016

Tea Ritual 2016 – Sue Baxter Introduction I have grown herbs for many years, and use them in cooking, cleaning, for making incense etc. While beginning my studies on the OBOD Ovate course, and after a visit to Chambawallah Teas shop in Birmingham, I felt guided to research, journey and create a tea ritual. I have created my tea mix for a healing ritual. You may create other mixes for maybe tonics or transformation? The important things to think about when thinking of creating a tea ritual are How are you going to get the ingredients and create the tea mix? What equipment do you need to create the ritual? How will you create the sacred space for the ritual? The following is my process, f

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