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When we gather in community & integrate our beliefs, ideas & values into our behaviour, we bring them alive & give them the power to influence our world. If we see ourselves as separate from the world, it is easy to dismiss our actions as irrelevant or unlikely to make any difference. Yet from the Druid, Neopagan & Deep Ecology perspective, we are part of the world & every choice we make will have ripples that extend beyond us. What may seem tiny & insignificant by itself always adds to a larger context, so that every time we act for life, we put our weight behind the shift towards a life-sustaining culture – be the change you want to see in the world & every conscious act heals the Universe.

In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of individuals wishing to return to mother-nature & rediscover a personal spirituality. Woodlands are bought for a wide variety of pursuits including, badger watching, woodworkers & naturists. As a practicing Druid my vision is to see the purchase of 1000’s of these neglected woodlands across the UK, to see their transformation back into thriving hubs of Mother Nature & centers for personal spiritual communities. A safe haven for both our wildlife & where you can be truly yourself.


Where those of like minds can come & practice their Nature based Spirituality & share in an open & free community, with the goal of leaving a sustainable legacy.


Mission Statement

To see small woods in the UK valued for the benefits they bring to a sustainable society based on the modern day interpretation of Druidism & Paganism, & to help achieve their better management for Planet & People before profit, & to make the most of those benefits in a holistic way.’

Owning woodland is something many of us dream of - a special place to enjoy today & keep in safe hands for generations to come – sustainable legacy.

Small woodlands are vital for wildlife, for timber & for people.

They provide a range of benefits that help to maintain our lives – a growing green infrastructure for everyone.


Small woodlands need our care & protection to realise their full value.  In the fight against climate change these small areas added together provide us with so much: they are rich habitats for wildlife, they slow storm water runoff preventing flooding, they filter & clean the air, they provide places for recreation & therapy, & they are also productive – sustainably growing many thousands of tonnes of timber every year without fail, with some of the timber providing the wood products we need in our Druid community.


Small Woods are Everywhere

Small Woodlands make up 25% of all woodland cover in the UK: 422,000 hectares in all.

Surprisingly you can buy woodland of between 3 to 6 acres for as little as £50,000. We can start small & with belief & commitment to a shared Vision expand it into a Forest(s) & one day through sustainable legacy we will have created an Ancient Woodland(s).


Ancient Woods

Havens of great complexity, ancient woods are often some of the richest habitats for plants, fungi & wildlife, as well as being an open book to our past. They are places of beauty & tranquility.


Ancient woods are those that have been around since at least medieval times. Because they have existed relatively undisturbed for many centuries, they have developed complex communities of plants, animals & fungi. In general, they are more diverse & wildlife-rich than more recent woods.


They are also living history books, with features such as medieval boundary banks, charcoal hearths & old coppice stools. These tell us how woodland was used in centuries past, & show how they are linked to our cultural history. Because of their unique history & ecology, ancient woods are irreplaceable, yet they cover only around two per cent of the land area of the UK. Protecting what remains is of paramount importance.


The creation of plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (that were felled & planted with non-native trees, often conifers), during the last century, as part of a drive for the UK to become self-sufficient in timber after the World Wars. The effects of this felling, drainage, replanting, & the dense shade cast by closely planted conifers, threatens the survival of the fragile ancient woodland ecosystem.


Careful, sensitive restoration can see the return of native species & recovery of the ancient woodland wildlife.

Thank You for helping us to achieve this Vision.

**The Community of the Druids Nemeton shall hold in ‘Land Trust’ - a private, non-profit organisation that, as all or part of its mission, actively works to conserve land by undertaking or assisting in land or conservation easement acquisition, or by its stewardship of such land or easements, any woodlands, forest or lands that have been purchased by the funds raised or donated by its members & the public. Forever to be enjoyed by all its members under the Constitution of the Community of the Druids Nemeton.

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