What is Magick???

January 5, 2017

To start off I am going to tell you that all of the ‘fairy tales’ & stories about the powers of Druids - wizards, witches & magicians are true!





















But unfortunately only in part.


However, it is possible to create spells (today we would call this 'Positive Affirmations', planning & goal setting, the power of visualisation, look at the success of the book 'The Secret') to bring yourself money, love, material gains (coffee table witchcraft) - wisdom, contentment & spiritual growth (the higher aspect of magick), with an ever expanding desire to be of service to humanity & the planet.


You must understand, though, that unlike the magick in fairy tales & in movies, most real magick does not occur instantaneously.






















"No one can give you magickal powers.

They are naturally present but latent, you have to earn them.

There is only one way to do this:

Practice! Practice! Practice!"


Let us now try to come to a workable definition of magick.

According to the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, magick is ‘…the science & Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will’.


Dion Fortune’s definition of magick was the same as Crowley's, except she considered the ‘Change’ to be a change in consciousness.'


Lets say that you do a magick ritual to get £50. It is therefore your ‘Will’ (balance brought about by investigation – self-awareness in accordance with your true will/higher self) to get the money.You go out for a walk that you frequently take, but something makes you go right at a street corner instead of your usual left. A few roads down you meet an old friend, who returns £50 they owed you.


So depending to which magick definition you ascribe to, you will come to a belief about how the spell worked. If you ascribe to Dion Fortunes view, then you would say that the ritual made a change in your consciousness which gave you the information to turn right instead of your usual left.


According to Crowley's view, your magickal ritual would have caused some physical change in the physical world that resulted in your turning right. Perhaps a smell-sight-sound, or a telepathic message from your friend or from a higher entity telling you to turn right.


In either case, three things are apparent:

1.No matter what definition you use, the actual result is the same.

2.The result functions as if there had been a change in the physical world, regardless of whether there had been a change in the physical world or just a change in your consciousness.

3. Magick works.


But both definitions are still to broad.

If you cause a change in conformity with Will & call it ‘Magick’, then almost anything you do is a magickal act. Crowley says that ‘every intentional act is a magickal act’.


Although this is not what we are seeking at this time.


We need to make the definition of magick a bit longer:


'Magick is the science & art of causing change, in consciousness, to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science, that affects the physical world.'


I personally have always held to a shamanic idea that the outside world is always a reflection of the inside world.





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