The Work of the Aspiring Druid

February 22, 2017

The Work of the Aspiring Druid - ‘One who does magick’, a Magician

The ‘work’ of the Aspiring Druid within the Outer Order (mundane world) is to consciously control & place in balance all the various components of the personality self.


These are symbolised by the elements;

  • Body-Self – Earth

  • Thinking-Self – Air

  • Feeling-Self – Water

  • Passionate-Self – Fire


With this in mind, the state of consciousness of the initiate waiting for their Gateway initiation(s) should be one where they can, at will, exercise control over & promote balance within their whole personality.


This would include:

  • Their physical body-self, fitness, health & material life.

  • Their thought processes & rational & concrete minds.

  • Their emotional patterns, nature & expression.

  • Their sexuality, passion, will & intuition.


Such a person would necessarily be positive towards life & would know how to solve, accept or work towards solving, any challenges they might come up against. They would be able to draw extra elemental energy from the Macrocosmic realms of the elements & other planes (Druid’s Authority) when required to keep them functioning well & healthily.

With the balance of the mind, will, emotions & body such a completed ‘student’ (working through the exercises of the OBOD grades & other sources through workshops etc.) of the esoteric arts is well placed to traverse the link to the Higher Self (also called ‘magick’, see blog - What is Magick??? January 5, 2017). This balance would also have produced a great sense of blessing & gratitude towards the universe & your concept & understanding of God/IT/Hierarchy of Being(s) etc. – ‘the god of your heart’. We could expect a Practicing Druid/Magician at this stage to have deepened their relationship to ‘the land’, & their ‘Sacred One(s)’, gained a mystical awareness of the ‘One & the All’.


However, the Aspiring Druid at this stage is still a Novice, an Apprentice.

Looking at the transformation of consciousness, we see, regardless of the balance of the elemental selves, the Outer Order Druid/Magician is still vulnerable to the uprising of the un-regenerated & integrated aspects of the Self.


When these unconscious aspects & desires rise or merge into consciousness, which will occur from time to time, the long created balance of the personality is disrupted & may even fall apart for a time. We have all experienced this: just when we think we've got our act together & everything is going well, something comes along & knocks us for six, & we find ourselves acting how we never expected to.


This is simply a part of being human; but for someone who has spent a considerable period of time balancing their personality, however, means that it is less likely the entire balance will be knocked around, or that it will take a long time to recover our poise & balance.


From an esoteric point of view, such a spontaneous arising of unconscious aspects into the consciousness occurs because the Aspiring Druid is simply re-arranging the various component parts of the elemental personality-self, rather than transforming it. They are essentially balancing & perfecting within the world of Yetzirah-Annwyn (ah-NOON) the underworld – Formation – Triangle, the world of the conscious personality & sense of self.

Sometimes to effect deep transformation we need to utilise a level of consciousness above or higher than the area of self we wish to transform. With respect to the elemental self, we need to access the realm of spirit, the Quintessence, which is found in Tiphareth (Sun – your heart center). This is the work & consciousness of the Adept – one who has mastered or better still, one who has understood & implemented the concept of ‘Wholeness’.


You may be feeling a little ‘blinded by science’ at this point – not to worry – as you progress through the course (your grade work, work with others & your ‘personal’ research & experimentation) you will come to discover & start to understand the arts of the Hermetic Qabalah, Alchemy, Astrology & Tarot, from which point they will begin to deepen. It is then advisable to return to your earlier lessons & reread them; you will be utterly amazed at the growth & depth of your understanding & gather further nuggets from these lessons.


For some people this kind of magick looks perilously close to psychology. Some folk get all het-up & excited about how ‘their gods & goddesses, their guides’ are not ‘just archetypes’ & their mystical-spiritual path (see blog - What is a Spiritual Path? January 8, 2017) is something much more profound than neurological hacking plus a pointy hat. In my view this kind of opinion perhaps misses the point that psychology is, of course, literally the study of the mind. I’m not sure that there is anything much more magickal than the psyche &, solipsism (the view or theory that the self is all that can be known) notwithstanding, all magickal acts (even those with apparently measurable parapsychological effects) require a mind somewhere in their operation.


There is also the confusing idea of what is ‘real’. The problem with ‘reality’ is that it is inevitably mediated through inter-subjective consensus (i.e. people’s minds). But anyone with an appreciation of psychology will appreciate that the mind is also ‘real’. Placebo, psychosomatic illnesses & the power of positive thinking are all real, & indeed have hard-science measurable effects.


The ‘psychological paradigm’ (actually developed by Jung through the study of ancient Alchemical texts), rather than being a species of ‘diet drink magick’ is actually just one way of describing what is going on. No less useful (or true) than the energy, spirit or information models. However psychology is currently the dominant model in our culture (most people believe in psychology whereas belief in occult energies or spirts of the land etc. is perhaps less common). There is also lots of very useful research that has emerged from psychology (in its many forms, from transpersonal psychology to sociology, neurology & more) & the wise Druid is likely to find much of value in the grimoires of those disciplines.


‘Magick is the science & art of causing change, in consciousness, to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science, that affects the physical world.'



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